It's TIME! Please sign up at the link below

to help an amazing kid this holiday season. We need AS MANY PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE AS POSSIBLE! We have 20 bears to buy for our kids. :)


Wednesday, December 11th at 6:00PM

Build-A-Bear in Firewheel Mall



Thursday, December 12th at 1:00PM

Gale Fields Recreation Center


We have been assigned a classroom of 20 kids at the Pearl C. Anderson Head Start Day School in Garland.


These kids are amazing and your gift of a custom made Build-A-Bear will literally make this holiday season one of the best they have ever had.


Each bear is $25 and you are encouraged to go 50/50 with a partner.


If you and your family would like to donate more than one bear please sign up multiple times.

This is an amazing opportunity to change lives in our community and make a difference.


You will need to attend the Build-a-Bear night to build the bear(s) for your child. Just bring your money that night to Build-A-Bear. We will pay for the bears directly that night.

The Holiday Party where you get to meet and hang out with your child and give them the bear you made for them is Thursday, December 12th from 1:30 to 3:00pm at the Gale Fields Recreation Center in Garland.


You will be dismissed for 4th period that day for the party. We will be able to play games... color.. and just enjoy the smiles and hugs from this awesome group of kids.

ONLY students that build a bear for a child will be able to attend the party.

This is our holiday community event and we are responsible for 20 bears! - we need as many of us to commit to this as possible. :)

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